Akik Fashions quality principles is “RIGHT AT FIRST TIME. We working with vertically integrated factories.  All areas of the process are overseen by experienced and expert personnel from yarn to final random inspections. We monitor quality of the materials including fabric, during production and until final inspections. Our quality team ensure the customer accepted quality level in every step of production.

During the pre-production, before manufacturing begins. When the raw materials arrive, we conduct an examination of the materials and check the quantity. Our team carry out spot checks to ensure the products are kept to the correct specifications agreed between the buyer and manufacturer.

End of production, at the final stage of the production we ensure the products are correctly produced and handled. We evaluate if any changes or mistakes have incurred during the production. If so, we correct before shipping ensuring the quantity and quality is exact to the specification sheet established.

Our vision is to continue to develop long-term contracts/ partnerships with clients. Therefore, we view a successful quality process crucial to maintaining long lasting partnerships.